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Project Management



The Federal Ministry of the Environment of Germany has selected the LithoRec II project as a flagship project (so-called lighthouses) in the field of recycling and resource efficiency. In these lighthouses outstanding projects of the respective topics are awarded, which contribute to the overall goal to make Germany the leading supplier and leading market for electric mobility. It can be understood as a seal of quality for particularly important innovations that will have a positive environmental and climate effect, represent a significant technological advance or contribute to the cost reduction in electric mobility.


In this sense, cross-cutting themes were defined in the project as the third pillar. An independent institution will perform a ' life-cycle assessment ' of the LithoRec approach. This is an update since the ecological benefit of recycling has already been demonstrated in comparison to primary production in all relevant impact categories in the previous project.

In addition to the ecology, the economy of the process is of fundamental importance. For this purpose, all significant variables will be identified and evaluated extensively in an economic analysis on the real system (pilot plant).

It is clear that such a complex project needs a professional project management. Rockwood Lithium has taken on this task and is focused on the interfaces between the partners and steps to fit seamlessly with each other. It is crucial to keep the impact of each activity to the overall targets in view.