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Based on the positive results of the LithoRec predecessor project, the processes are scaled-up on a pilot scale already. Mid-2014 the pilot plant will be in operation. From this date end-of-life traction batteries can be recycled. The hydrometallurgical part of the pilot plant was completed two years ago by Rockwood Lithium, so that high-purity lithium salts can be recovered (see photo).

Part of the project will be the operation of the pilot plant, so that the project consortium can collect important experiences early and gradually improve the processes. From today's perspective, it can be assumed that the LithoRec process will make a significant contribution to an economically and ecologically advantageous battery recycling.

A pilot plant for lithium-ion battery recycling was realized at TU Braunschweig in 2015. In 2017 the processes of project partners Lion Engineering GmbH and TU Braunschweig were realized in an indutrial recycling plant by Duesenfeld .