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In the research part of the project the individual sub-processes are examined material-specifically and in detail along the whole value chain of the battery system recycling. Here, an optimization of these process steps is arranged, which have been identified in the LithoRec I project and which are decisively influencing the overall recycling rate.
Basically, the processes have been developed in the previous project, so that they now can be directly implemented in pilot scale. However, there is still need for further research including issues of influence and tolerability of impurities. If the foreign matter will not lead to loss of performance in the new battery cells, through the simplification of processes a significant efficiency potential is open for harvesting. Specifying the limits for contamination is central in this case.

Currently, the research and development efforts are continuing at full speed to improve lithium ion battery performance worldwide. To be prepared to recycle these new types of batteries in the future, the processes are either adapted to the new developments, or their suitability is checked for the new types.

The third focus of the research is the process optimisation in parallel to the pilot plant operation. Modifications of the processes are first carried out on a laboratory scale and subsequently scaled-up.